Küçük tansiyona iyi gelen, çarpıntıyı alan kayıtlar.

Efterklang'ın Piramida'dan görücüye çıkardığı 3. kayıt Apples. Bir söylentiye göre, yeniden bulmaya kalkışmak üzere aşkı salıvermeye dair bir şarkı.

Apples was one of the first songs we wrote for the album after our return from the trip to Piramida. Like many of the other songs on the album Apples is inspired by the cycle of human creations – that being creations like an entire city left to decay in the Arctic or the cycles of our interpersonal relationships in life. Apples is mainly a song about letting go of love in the attempt of finding it again.

For those who are interested in the origin of some of the sounds it might be interesting to know that the main synth sound is created from a micro sample of the worlds northernmost grand piano that still stands in Piramida. The melodic lines with the sort of metallic marimbaish sound are played on samples of metal spikes sticking out of huge blocks of concrete. Both sounds have been treated and processed massively.

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